Life has been stressful lately. All you can think about is having time to yourself and enjoying your favourite meal, goat meat jollof. Unfortunately, the only jollof you can uninhibitedly enjoy is the one you make all by yourself. No one blames you because truly, no one knows what you like more than you. If you really want to make this jollof dream a reality, you’ll have to go to the market to buy the ingredients right? Right. So that’s what you do. You go to the market and start looking for tomatoes because the future happiness of your stomach depends on the richness of the jollof. “Yeeeiiisss ntoos, Bolga ntoos. Ntoos papa nie!” The shrill cry advertising good tomatoes supposedly from Bolga reaches your ears. Almost magnetically, you’re drawn to the direction of the shrill voice. True to her word, her tomatoes look nice enough. Firm to the touch, the right shade of red and unblemished.  One bucket is 15 cedis and you don’t waste time trying to bargain because honestly all you can see is jollof. A savoury, fragrant, flavour-packed goat meat jollof that you can even taste already.  You get home only to find out that this woman has sold you the most rotten tomatoes in the world. How is this even possible? You saw her empty that particular bucket you had chosen into the polythene bag which she tied and handed over to you in exchange for 15 cedis. Or maybe, she simply arranged the good ones on top to attract buyers and put rotten ones underneath. You’ve been duped. Wow. You never thought you’d be in this situation. After all the stories you’ve heard about this age-old trick, one would think you’d be the last person in the world to fall victim. What can you do about it though?

This situation is not rare at all. Many traders often pull a smart one on many of us much to our chagrin. In this case, there are three options. You could either look for that particular trader and confront him/her, give it to God like the stereotypical victim you are or take legal action. We’re going with the latter option since we’re overly ambitious and particularly litigious. Besides, no one messes with you and goes scot-free like that. Especially not when you have an amazing potential lawyer like me by your side. So sit back, buckle up and let’s do this!


Cape Three Points

If you’re looking to recover some money from the trader in question, then you’re going to have to prove three things to the Court’s satisfaction. If even one is lacking, you’re toast. But you already knew this. So what are these three things?

1) Did the trader make a false statement of fact?

Statement of fact here could be either written or oral or inferred from conduct. No, statements of opinion and of future intention do not count. However, half-truths, ambiguous statements and actions taken to hide the truth all count here. So to everyone not only businesspeople, honesty truly is the best policy. Oh and lest I forget, any statement a person makes without caring whether it is true or false, could be his own undoing in a similar situation. Looking at your unfortunate situation, did the tomato seller make a false statement of fact? She said and I quote, “Yeeeeeiiis ntoos! Bolga ntoos! Ntoos papa nie!”  According to her shrill cry, her tomatoes are from Bolga and are good. However, when you got home, you realized that she was lying. Her tomatoes were rotten. She just piled a few good ones on top to trick you into buying her decomposing tomatoes. A trick you all too readily fell for. Now, if her cry does not sound like a false statement of fact then I don’t know what else does.

Our time and space is up for today but not to worry. We’ll round it all up in next week’s post. Until then, see you. *blows air kisses.


26 thoughts on “YEEEIIIIS NTOOS! -1

    1. Hi Joseph, I agree with you to an extent But I also feel that one can also enhance his or her vocabulary when he or she comes across new words. I also didn’t know the meaning of the chagrin and a few others but I looked them up and now I have new vocabulary. The words are not necessarily in the legal dictionary they’re only English words which may even aid your understanding when you see them used elsewhere.

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  1. This is what we need to demystify the perception that the law is alien and removed from society. The law, this simplified pinned against illustrated normal everyday experiences is necessary for legal growth.

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  2. Has the elements of literature especially the suspense 😫😫😫 but it’s a good one. Someone like myself didn’t think things like this(basic) could be taken to court and all that

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  3. Hey. First – awesome post. The dramatization was especially on point. Second – Was wondering if you considered the fact that her words constituted an advertisement and especially, the nature of said advertisement ie A Sales Puff. Also, the nature of what they agreed on – Tomatoes. Did the protagonist in your story merely rely on the advertisement/sales puff or did she expressly state the type of tomatoes she wanted – enough to make it a term of the contract.
    Either way, nice piece. Hope to read more going forward.


  4. Oh wow! This is good work. Love the dramatization especially the suspense haha.

    I would like to share a thought. I think that ‘’ntoos papa nie’’ which is the only representation that didn’t turn out to be true may be a puff, and not a misstatement of fact in law. Then again, I await the continuation of this article.

    Also I would like to hear your opinion on this: Do you think that buyers will want to sue in this situation? -Knowing the paperwork involved, money to get a lawyer, pay for the proceedings and the time all this will be done before the judgement is given? Don’t you think they’ll consider the cost of all that to what they lost and be discouraged? Also don’t you think they’ll consider that the market woman may not be able to afford damages?
    And yet, it’s cruel that they’ll sell rotten vegetables and make them appear to be fine for consumption? Do you think there’s a better way, legally, to curb this wrong?


  5. Also, the way your analysis of the issue started, could easily throw reader off. For instance, what does it matter if the trader made a misstatement? …
    What legal action are we look at pursuing? Is that why we’re checking to see if she made a misstatement? Tell us about it.


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